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Periodicals – basic information

Simply, quickly and with use of all advantages for you:

We are able to gain the subscription to any popular or technical eletronical and printed periodicals.

Choose from over 300 000 journals from all over the world!

Suweco periodicals catalogue includes overs 25000 most frequently ordered titles. The order of any bulk can be provided during a whole year.

Price calculations / orders,  subscription renewals for the following year, online journals activation, orders overview and dispatch dates, claims processes - it is a service for librarians – in both forms, traditional and eletronic communications

You gain with us:

  • free price calculations
  • choice of mutual communication (regular mail, electronically)
  • individual quantity discounts
  • online orders from our catalogue and from catalogues of the publishers from all over the world
  • invoices in electronic form

Our services

  1. we are flexible when communicating with customers
  2. we prefer personal stance
  3. we regularly widen the range of our services

The orders of periodicals are binding for the period of 12 months (except for selected dailies). Changes and cancellations of orders can be send to the publisher only with serious reasons. Information about invoicing, discounts and delivery options can be found in our trading conditions.


Please always state the below mentioned information on your order:

  • Order identification:
    - order number / date of order 1)
  • Subscriber´s contact details:
    - subscriber´s name and address
    - VAT number
    - bank account details
  • Order subject:
    - title
    - publisher´s name and address 2)
    - number of ordered copies
  • Delivery address:
    - delivery address 3)

1) fill in only if you require such information on the invoice
2) the address is not needed when ordering periodicals from Suweco catalogue
3) fill in only if the shipping address differs from the billing address
4) please do not mistake it with the publishing frequency (periodicity)

Orders of electronic journals

The requested data stated on your order are necessary also for electronic journals. In regard of particular publishers´ way to provide access information (password) to electronic journals, each order is dealt with individually. There is a whole section on our web sites which is devoted to online publications.